Husse FL Franchise Referral Program

Refer a Friend or Colleague to our franchise, and GET PAID $1,000

We want to celebrate the launching of our successful exclusive Franchise system in Florida through this great referral program.

At Husse Florida, we understand very well how to use incentives to effectively grow our business. Whether you are a current Husse franchisee, or someone who has just come across our Website for the first time, chances are you know of someone who is a potential candidate to own their own Husse franchise.

Prospective candidates would have the following qualifications:

  • Over +21 years old, extrovert, previous sales experience
  • Entrepreneurial spirit with a desire to “own their destiny”
  • Enjoy working outside and interacting with other people.
  • A net worth of at least $30,000

*These qualifications are not required, but are good indicators of the type of people we would consider bringing on board. The most important quality we are looking for is a passion to do something great, and to be successful.

If you believe you know of someone that may be interested, AND you’re willing to provide us with their information and get us connected, then we would be willing to compensate you up to $1,000 if that candidate is awarded a Husse franchise.

We've designed the program to be simple and easy to execute. Here is the high-level overview:

  1. log in to:
  2. Get familiar with our Franchise opportunity profile & requirements.
  3. Identify colleagues or friends looking for a new business opportunity that meet our requirements; including the $18,0000 cash required.
  4. Email the Husse Franchise referral page information to them. Make sure the person you refer enters your name and email on that form the first time they complete it – it is required that they do this in order for you to be eligible for a referral fee.
  5. We will track all signups to link each referral back to you. For each individual that becomes a Husse franchise owner / operator, we’ll give you $1,000!

In order to receive this incentive, ALL of the following criteria must be met:

1.        There must be an executed franchise agreement within 3 months of the referral

2.        The full initial franchise fee must have been received

3.        The name of the referring party must be given at the time of application

We will pay the referral fee after the Franchise Agreement is executed and fully paid.

The Husse Franchise Referral Program is valid in the following Florida Counties: Miami-Dade County, Monroe County, Broward County, Collier County, Hendry County, Lee County, Glades County, Charlotte County, Sarasota County, Manatee County.

This program is open for referrals until May 30, 2016. Take action NOW if you want to earn your $1,000 reward 

Franchise Referral Program

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